Entrepreneurs, Students, Digital Professionals

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Individual Plans

For digital professionals looking for a space to work throughout the month.



1  visit per month

3 available slots only

The Outsider plan allows you freedom to be part of the community for 1 month. 

/ 3 Slots Left

Come n'Go


6  visits per month

5 available slots only

The Come n’Go plan provides access to the space and the community. 

/ 5 Slots Left



12  visits per month

5 available slots only

The Lite plan provides the same community-access, and amenities as the Come n'Go plan. 

/ 5 Slots Left

Community Plans

For people looking for more than a place to work, but also looking for a sense of community.




Unlimited visits

6 available slots only

Want to truly experience working in a place that feels like home? The Resident pass allows you freedom to work, and become part of our community.

- Member Registration is subject to approval.- 

/ 10 Slots Left




Unlimited visits

3 available slots only — 3 members per team.

The Team  plan allows you and your team to work in the space, and become part of the community. Valid for 1 month.

/ 3 Slots Left

What's Included?

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Membership Terms

Memberships have limited availability. 

To avoid over-crowding on our space, all of our membership plans are limited. However, additional work spaces are coming soon.

So follow us on our website, and social media for future updates!

Membership passes are non-transferable.

Memberships are fully registered to the person who avails the membership. 

Member desks are through hot-desks only.

Since our work-spaces are of limited capacity. We would like to ask our members to understand that desks on the space are on a first-come-first-serve policy. Don't worry, we try our best to make your stay within our space, as comfortable, and productive as possible.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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