Entrepreneurs, Students, Digital Professionals

Choose a Price Plan For You

Individual Passes

Whether you're working with one person, or two.
We provide special rates for you and your group!

Outsider Pass


₱300 / 3 hours

Work through the day, and through the night. Gain exclusive access to the space for a day.

Valid for (1) day.

Come n' Go Pass


Just passing by? No problem come as you are, and go as you please. The Come n’Go Pass provides access to the space.
7 non-consecutive days. Eligible for upgrade.

Valid for 30 days.

Migrant Pass


Are you a worker who moves from place to place to do seasonal work? Great! This pass allows you to use the space for as much, or as little as you can in a month.

Renews monthly.

Eligible for upgrade.

Valid for 30 days.

Resident Pass


Want to truly experience working in a place that feels like home? The Resident pass allows you freedom to work, and co-work within the space. 
15 visits per month.

Valid for 90 days / 3 Mos.

By Invitation Only.

What's Included?

Free-flowing Coffee & Tea

As a member, you are entitled to 100 cups daily allowance of coffee or tea. Consumable only within the space. So whether you need a boost to get started with your day, or fighting with that afternoon slump, a cup of coffee or tea will surely keep you up!

Shared Hi-speed Fiber Internet

Enjoy reliable hi-speed fiber internet, included with any of our passes, for fast and smooth rendering of all your favorite sites and web apps. You may also download all your favorite movies and tv series until your hard-drive is full. Yes! You deserve it.

Special Passes

Rates specific to special areas in the co-working space

Meeting Room

4-6 People


₱500/ hour

Meetings, discussions, or small discussions can be done at our meeting room capable of sitting 4-6 people.

Space Rental


first 4 hours

₱1,000 - succeeding hours

Workshops, talks, seminars? Rent our space, let it provide an intimate, and cozy experience for you and your audience of 20 - 25 people.

Weekend Booking only.

Preferred Payment Method

Preferred Payment Method for transactions done on the space.

Don't have a PayPal account yet? Register by clicking the link below.

Membership Terms

Memberships have limited availability. 

To avoid over-crowding on our space, all of our membership plans are limited. However, additional work spaces are coming soon.

So follow us on our website, and social media for future updates!

Membership passes are non-transferable.

Memberships are fully registered to the person who avails the membership. 

Member desks are through hot-desks only.

Since our work-spaces are of limited capacity. We would like to ask our members to understand that desks on the space are on a first-come-first-serve policy. Don't worry, we try our best to make your stay within our space, as comfortable, and productive as possible.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


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