House Rules

These rules and regulations apply to Agor's Co-Working Café members and their guests for the use of the space at 12 June Street, Bahay Toro, Project 8, Quezon City. As the site is used for other purposes, these rules only apply during Agor's Co-Working Café operating hours.

General Rules 

  • Kindly look after your belongings. (Agor’s management accepts no liability for any loss of possessions during your stay).
  • Call answering is allowed outside of the space, and on the provided call booth.
  • Leave your area tidy for co-workers after use. Trash bins are provided in the space for use.
  • Respect the working environment of other coworkers on the area, adjust your behavior accordingly by keeping noise, and interactions to a minimum level.
  • Keep the comfort room door closed at all times.
  • Don't dispose tissue papers, napkin, or etc. in the toilet bowl.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the premises.
  • CAYGO (Clean As You Go) Clean up after yourself.
  • You may eat and drink on certain areas of the space. Any mess you make is up for you to clean.
  • Avoid distraction: Limit small talk to a minimum.
  • If something needs attention, let any of the staff know immediately.
  • Most desks are shared working spaces, please be considerate of other coworkers in the area, take note of how your belongings occupy areas on the space.
  • Fake identities will not be tolerated during registration.
  • The availability of parking spaces are beyond our control since street parking is only available.
  • Arrange seats properly after use.
  • The management staff serves the right to ask details about your membership.
  • Every table on the space is on a first-come-first-served basis except exclusive desks. The staff will identify the said desks upon on-boarding.

Membership House Rules

  • Members can use any utensils provided on the space.
  • Broken utensils will be reimbursed to the person involved.
  • Food delivery is allowed. No corkage fee is required.
  • Member’s guests have a free hour of stay. Inclusive of all amenities on the space.
  • Members are obliged to clean after their guests.
  • Members are obliged to have their own PayPal account. 

Bar Area House Rules

  • CAYGO Policy Applies:
    • All glasses, utensils and plates must be washed thoroughly after use.
    • Clean up any spills you make on the countertops.
    • Put peelings or leftovers on the container provided.
  • No plastic-ware is allowed on the oven.
  • The bar area is not a place for long discussions. Give seats to other people who plan on using them.
  • Limit voice levels to a minimum while on the bar area.

Community Etiquette

Agor’s purpose is not just for hangouts, but to provide a working space, and community where people can do, collaborate, and focus on their tasks comfortably.

Your productivity inside the space, and value gained from the community is always our utmost concern.

Happy co-working!

Carlson Olivier Badua

Agor's Community Manager

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