Frequently Asked Questions

Agor's Coworking Café

Payment Method

We prefer PayPal for payments of transactions within the space. Don't worry if you don't have PayPal, Debit and Credit Card are accepted by PayPal as well. 

Our main parking area would be a street parking, rest assured your cars won’t be towed while you’re in the village. 

Smoking Area
We do not recommend you smoke within the space. However, you can smoke outside of the residence. Just, don't forget to throw the cigarette butts on the bins.

While we do not provide Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. We have nearby restaurants for your needs. You can even ask for deliveries from nearby restaurants. Or maybe ask that cute co-worker out for lunch? Here are some places to visit.

Hourly Rate
As for now we do not provide hourly rates for any walk-ins. We’d suggest you avail for the day pass instead. Our day pass is usable within the day purchased.

Meeting Rooms
Most of the meeting rooms on our facility are still under development.

Internet Connection
Our Internet connection is powered by Fiber Optic connections. Rest assured you’ll have a steady connection all throughout the time you’re in the space.

We entertain walk-ins on the spot, all you've got to do is do a back flip of course! Just kidding, all walk-ins are welcome.

Virtual Office Address
For now, we do not provide virtual office addresses. 

Guest Policy
For our guest policy, we have a 1 hour rule for free stay for any of the price plan’s guests. However if the guest should extend the 1 hour mark, we would like to ask them to purchase a day pass to continue staying within the space.

Food Policy
We do not charge corkage fees for food brought inside the space. All we ask, is that you keep your eating area tidy and clean. Also, if the food brought in would emit strong wonderful, and yummy odors, we suggest you dine in our outdoor seats. This way you'll get to enjoy our front-garden view!

Liquor Policy
Yes, you can drink within the space. However, if you go way beyond the recommended level of drunkenness, we will be obliged to escort you out of the space. Most of the people within the space will be working, so please be considerate.

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