where work feels like home.

Co-working Rates

Outsider Pass


₱300 / 3 hours

Work through the day, and through the night.

Gain exclusive access to the space for a day.

Valid for a day.

Membership Inclusions

Free-flowing Coffee

As a member, you are entitled to 100 cups daily allowance of coffee or tea. Consumable only within the space, So whether you need a boost to get started with your day, or fighting with that afternoon slump, a cup of coffee or tea will surely keep you up!

Hi-Speed Internet

Enjoy reliable hi-speed fiber internet, included with any of our passes, for fast and smooth rendering of all your favorite sites and web apps. You may also download all your favorite movies and tv series until your hard-drive is full. Yes! You deserve it.

Come n' Go Pass


Just passing by? No problem come as you are, and go as you please. The Come n’Go Pass provides access to the space for 7 non-consecutive days.

Valid for 30 days.

Resident Pass


Want to truly experience working in a place that feels like home? The Resident pass allows you freedom to work, and co-work within the space.

15 visits per month
Valid for 90 days / 3 mos.

Migrant Pass


Are you a worker who moves from place to place to do seasonal work? Great! This pass allows you to use the space for as much, or as little as you can in a month. Renews monthly.

Valid for 30 days.

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Preferred Payment Method

Co-working at Agor's.

We are a co-working space that aims to become an environment that lets different types of people thrive, and grow within a community that fosters knowledge, connection, growth, and value.


Agor's Co-working, houses a diverse community of digital professionals, from graphic designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and people in between! You also get to be exposed to different technologies these individuals are currently using.

Sense of Community

We try to develop connections with members of the space. Whether you're staying for a week, or a month. You'll be part of Agor's community, and will get to experience the co-working movement.

Networking & Collaborating

Co-working in Agor's will allow you the opportunity to network and collaborate with a wide range of bright minds. You might even make new friends in the process.

Make full use of the Space.

We have a variety of areas where you can work within the space. Don't limit yourself to a single desk. Just make sure to leave that desk tidy after you leave.

Breaking away from your Comfort Zone

Challenge yourself to new ideas, by exposing your current ideas to like-minded individuals on the space, and have your ideas mix to create better ones! You never know what better idea might come out from collaboration

Work at your own pace

Stop devoting hours to the same interruptions and distractions that normally plague your days at home, or wherever. Why not work in a new environment, surrounded by new people and new stimuli? 

 Avoiding loneliness

We know how working at home can give a sense of isolation. Here at Agor's, we try to develop camaraderie among co-workers even if they are creating alongside complete strangers.


9:00 am—9:00 pm

Mondays to Fridays

10:00 am—7:00 pm


Call us at

(02) 518—8199

Visit us

12 June Street, 
Project 8,
Quezon City,

Let's get


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